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Miles ABA Services

Moving toward independence through research and intervention

The MARC -Miles Autism Research Center

At The MARC- we offer ABA therapy in

a variety of settings

1:1 -We offer specially designed ABA therapy based on the intake and ongoing assessments Your child will receive services from highly trained practitioners. All of our ABA therapy is overseen by a BCBA. The benefit of the clinic setting is that there is a BCBA available throughout many of your child's sessions.

Groups-We offer social groups. These groups are specifically structured for each child. We strive to have a balance of typical peers in each group. These groups focus on things such as staying with the group, receiving instruction in a group, sharing, turn taking, conversation, showing an interest in others, and many other topics.

We have gym where they can practice gross motor activities and engage in natural play. We have a climbing wall, bikes, balls, jumping and love to use music.

Feeding-We specialize in food and feeding issues. We offer feeding groups as well as 1:1 treatment. We target deficits in the food repertoire including touching new food, eating new foods, tolerating different textures, tolerating foods in different settings, adjusting the quantity of food consumed in a setting. Each food/feeding plan is based on current effective ABA practice paired with current effective practice from the Occupational Therapy field.

"How much therapy should my child have?" We get this question a lot. The answer isn't simple but here is the way I address it. With young children you are coming to us because of a diagnosis or concerns of an impending diagnosis. This a tough time for you, as a parent, to think about all that your child may need. That diagnosis means that your child was not meeting developmental or behavior targets. Depending on what those missed targets are will determine the answer to the question. At the young age there is nothing wrong with as many services as is physically and financially possible. At The MARC we will ensure that each minute of service is what your child needs, be it group, 1:1, OT, feeding, or whatever it be. We strive for a comfortable match to your life style and the needs of your child.

"What ages do you work with?"At The MARC we work with all ages 2-18. The needs for therapy change as the child grows and develops and our staff has experience with all ages.

We have a "lounge" for our older clients. This provides them with a mature environment to work on their behavior targets. 

"Do you offer services in the home or community?" We try to offer services where the needs are for the child. Most times this can happen in the clinic setting in a 1:1 or group setting. There are times where a problem presents itself only in a certain setting and so we do everything we can to address the issue in the most appropriate place. Where necessary we provide services in the school, home or other parts of the community. 

"Do you take insurance?" We take most insurance

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