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Miles ABA Services

Moving toward independence through research and intervention

Providing ABA services to those with Autism Spectrum Disorders, PDD-NOS, and other areas of need.

About Our Motto


At Miles ABA we are dedicated to the progress of each client, helping them to move forward in their targeted skills through the use of research proven practices. We also believe that specially designed movement (fine motor, oral motor, and gross motor), with the input of an OT, will increase the level of participation and rate of skill acquisition for each of our clients.


We believe that each client has the ability to achieve a level of independence in 3 key areas; social, academic, and personal/daily living.


We believe strongly in applying the latest research to create a strong program for each client. The fields of behavior analysis and sensory regulation are always progressing and we feel it is our responsibility to use the most current strategies in our clinic. We feel equally strong that we should contribute to the science as well. For this reason, we conduct our own research right here in the clinic. Please see our Research page for more information.


We provide specially designed programs for each and every client based on initial and ongoing assessments. We regularly review the data to ensure that each session is maximized and provide open communication to all members of the team.

Serving the Kitsap Peninsula, King County and surrounding areas.

(360) 536-3060

3100 Bucklin Hill Rd Suite 223

Silverdale, WA 98383

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